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News and Reviews for Nolan Enterprises
"Cindy was thrilled to see the numbers finally coming up! And that’s primarily thanks to you!! I can’t tell you
how much nicer it is to actually have someone doing a good job at this!!  
Let me know if I need to change the way I do something… know, if I’m consistently making the same mistakes or just making new ones all the time!?!
Anyway, thanks for doing such a good job! Makes our lives SOOO much easier!" 
Victoria - Missouri DME Company

Summary of visit to Coral Medical October 2006 by Bargmann Management - 
“In particular, Nicole is a strong Billing Specialist and can easily be in a Team Lead role. She handles a high volume of work and is very interested in finding the best possible ways to do things. The IV and enteral claims have been carved out for her to work.” – Lisa Bargmann of Bargmann Management

"You are a god." 
Chris - North Carolina DME company

"Thanks for all you do!"
Lori - Missouri DME Company

"Thanks for your help. Hopefully this will be the start of a great working relationship."
Jo - Georgia DME Company

"Thank you! We are so excited to have you part of the team!"
Irena - Michigan DME Company

"You Rock Girlfriend! thanks a million!!!"
Jessica - Michigan DME Company

"We are so excited you are on board!"
Cece - Georgia DME Company

"Thank you so much for what you have done in the time you have done it."
Chris - North Carolina DME Company

"You are the best!
Have a wonderful weekend!"
Valerie - North Carolina DME Company

"Thanks for a great job of AR. We are getting it together.
Have a great day." 
Shirley - Arizona DME Company

"Yay! This is why you are the billing expert.
Thank you for all your help. You really know your stuff."
Pablo - Washington DME Company

"I'm seeing the money come in.  Thank you!"
Mindy - Florida DME Company

"So far for the month of March we have collected approximately $***000. Thank you so much for doing a great job!!"
Kim - Massachusetts DME Company

"Nicole – July will be our best month ever for checks. Nice work." - Eric - Ohio DME Company

"I have never worked with someone with so much professionalism as you and your staff. The confidence I have in you and your staff from the first moment I talked to you was very impressive. 
If you ever need a recommendation, or if I can recommend you and your company please let me know."
David - Michigan DME Company

"Nicole, thank you and your team for collecting over $10k in Advantage Plan money."
Laurie - Dallas DME Company

"I don't know about revenue numbers yet but we collected about $40,000 more in October than September.
Good work, ladies!!"
Laurie - Dallas DME Company
"We are very happy with the job you have been doing."
Jim - North Florida DME Company

"Nicki and I want you to know that we are extremely pleased with the efficiency and efforts your team is giving us!!!
We have been so stressed about the billing and we didn't have the knowledge or skills to do it! You all are wonderful!"
Dawn - Nashville DME company

"Thank you for all of the hard work that you have
done for us, I truly appreciate it!!"
Rebecca - North Florida DME Company

"I commend you and your team the money has been coming in just like you said it would."
Scott - MO DME company

"Looks like the numbers are going the direction we want them to be going. Thank you!!"
Ashley - MN DME Company

"Nicole you are set as administrator in the system so if you ever want to change something in the pricing or hcpcs with the infusion.. you can.. you have my blessing if you were needing it. 
we want everything to be right on the front end and you are more knowledgeable and know more tips and tricks of the trade."
Kurt - AR DME Company

"I would just like to a moment to thank all you ladies for all your hard work. I know that some times you don't hear this enough and I just want you all know that we do appreciate all the hard work that you do for us. We make a great team!"
Stacey - New York DME Company

We are impressed with your professionalism and your teams performance.
I would like to take our relationship to the next level, i want to discuss the possibility of having one of your team member start performing the Order entry and telephone attending task for us."
Saleem - DC DME Company

"I just want to let you know I after reviewing this week reports that I want to say that they look good and we are moving in the right direction. Thank you for all your hard work."
Stacey - New York DME Company

"Thanks for joining todays call. Your insight was very helpful. I think there was a lot of good information and hopefully with your work and knowledge, this will help our numbers."
Mubarak - IL DME Company

"Honestly, you are the first person who makes sense to me as far as this billing after we have tried two local people who didn't know what they are doing"
Vlad - CA DME Company

."I would like to just take a minute and say " THANK YOU" for your hard work this month. Cash wise this has been one of our best months! It is hard to believe that with all we are going through we still came out on TOP this month and we couldn't of done it without each and everyone of you! If you all won't mind, Please send me your mailing address as, I would like to send you a little something to show how much I appreciate all you hard work."
Stacey - NY DME Company

I just wanted to thank you and your team because we brought in the most money we have and the company hit goal."
Mike - New York DME Company

"Nicole and her team have been instrumental to our success."
Jacob - New York DME Company

"Thanks to you all, we are known as the DME company that gets things done.  Thank you !"
Andrew - IL DME Company

"I sincerely thank you for your dedication and commitment towards RSWNY. You ladies made our team a huge success and I cannot thank you all enough! We joined together and crushed our monthly goals with lots of obstacles in our way, and that would have been impossible without you! I just want to you to know that we really appreciate all your time, effort, and hard work that you have done to make RSWNY a successful company. " 
Stacey - New York DME Company

"Our denials are down thanks to the Nolan Team"
Ferass - Illinois DME Company

"Looks like our revenues were the highest they have been !" - Todd - Illinois DME Company

"Thanks to you and your team we have been able to pay off our credit card that has been keeping our business afloat !"  
Blume -Texas DME Company
"Thanks to the Nolan Team we can now grow our business !"  
Trevor - Oklahoma DME Company