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Nolan Enterprises was founded in 2009 by owner and CEO Nicole Nolan.  Nicole has been in the DME industry for 21 years and a Brightree user since their inception in 2003 as one of Brightree's beta sites.  She is always on the lookout for new and inventive ways in bringing in revenue for her clients.  She can easily identify front end issues that are causing a reduction in revenue.  
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Nicole Nolan - Owner/CEO
Ariel started with Nolan Enterprises Group Sept of 2017.  Ariel has over 10 years experience with DME billing and 9 years with Brightree prior to joining Nolan Enterprises.  In addition to Brightree Ariel is proficient in ACT, Mestamed, Zirmed, Conduit, ARDashboard, NaviNet, RemitData, Webscan, and eClinical software. Knowledgeable of HIPPA, ICD9-10 codes, DME qualifications for Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial Payers for multiple states. Experience in Medicare bidding process; Enrollment of contracts for payors & clearinghouse; Medicare Audits; ALJ hearings; Held and Stop Reports; CMNs and PARs ; Provider and Staff Education and the creation and maintenance of price tables.
Ariel James - Billing Manager
Norma started with Nolan Enterprises Jan of 2018 but worked with owner Nicole Nolan for 6 years at another company.  Norma has 15 years prior experience with DME intake and 15 years experience using the Brightree system.
Norma Eilers - Intake Specialist and documentation specialist
Rachel became a part of the Nolan Enterprises team in April 2017.  Prior to joining Nolan, Rachel worked in DME and Brightree for 6 years, including Accounting, Inventory and Cost Management, Ordering, Pricing, Intake, Billing, Collections (Insurance and Patient), Customer Service, and Retail Sales. She attained her Bachelors and Masters in Business Administration in Accounting from Colorado Technical University. She also has 10 years experience in bookkeeping and personal tax preparation, including QuickBooks and many other tax software programs.
Rachel Scantland - Manager
Ava has been with Nolan Enterprises since May of 2017.
Ava has over 20 years prior experience of combined experience in Medical Billing and Transcription :
 Family Practice, Radiology, Cardiology, Urgent Care, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, and DME.
4 yrs DME prior to starting at Nolan Enterprises
4 yrs Brighttree
A/R - Medicare, Medicaid, HMO, and Commercial
Network Contracting
Medicare Bid submission
Insurance verification
Medical Transcription
Revenue Cycle Management
3m Encoder
 Experience in acquiring DME license and renewals for each state in the US, as well as Puerto Rico and American Samoa
Medicare Audit Experience
ACHC update experience
Career Step Medical Billing and ICD-10 Coding
Fayetteville Technical Community College:
Medical Inpatient and Outpatient ICD - 10 Coding and Billing
Ava Tiblis - Collection Specialist
Sophia joined Nolan Enterprises in May 2019 with over 17 years expierience in Medical billing, Collections:
Radiology Billing/Coding, Workers Compensation, Transportation, Physical Therapy and DME services.
Sophia has 3yrs of Brightree knowledge prior to working with Nolan Enterprises.
Sophia Edwards - Collection Specialist
Emily started with Nolan Enterprises June of 2019.  She was first introduced to DME in 2007 and started with Brightree in 2009.
She has done everything in Brightree from patient intake to posting deposits from ERNs and checks and working denials.
Emily Godsey - Collection Specialist
Erica has been with Nolan Enterprise since 2021.
She has been in DME since 2000 ranging from Intake, Authorization, Confirming, Logistics, Shipping, Processing Medicaid claims and sending and receiving initial and recert CMN'S. She has been a Brightree user for over 8 yrs.
Teressa McCullough has been with Nolan since April 2021.
She has worked in DME since October 2005
She was a DME customer service representative for 1.5 years.
She has been working in Brightree since November 2007.
She has been posting ERN's and manual postings in Brightree since November 2007.
Erica Taylor - Oxygen and ventilator CMN and documentation specialist
Teressa Mccollough - Poster
Michelle Hensel-Schopp joined Nolan Enterprises in November 2022. Michelle came on board with 16 years experience in DME Prior Authorization’s, Customer Service, Intake, Collections, Contracts, Appeals, DME Billing and payment posting. She specializes in Medicaid plans and contracting. Michelle has been working with Brightree since 2010. She has been Certified in Medical Billing and Coding since 2005.
Michelle Hensel-Schopp - Collections Specialist
Jessica, started with Nolan Enterprises in July 2023.  Jessica has 10+ years DME brightree billing experience. Prior experience with prior authorizations, DME intake, DME referrals. Prior experience with intake process, verifying insurances, working denials. Patient customer services representative with DME for 14+ years.
Jessica Graham - Intake and Collections Specialist 
Cindy Cyr - Collections Specialist
Angela joined the Nolan Enterprises Team in July 2019. She comes from a Math and Science background but has worked in Medical Billing since 1998. She has experience in Haematology/Oncology, Chiropractic/Physical Therapy, Optometry and 19 years in DME billing with 7 years using Brightree. 
Angela has experience in all aspects of DME billing from customer service intake, troubleshooting equipment problems, insurance verification, negotiating pricing and contracts, authorizations, CMNs, Electronic claims, posting payments, collections and audits. 
She has experience with multiple insurances, Medicaid, Commercial and specializes in Medicare. She has undertaken extensive training in HIPAA compliance.  

Angela Williams - Collections Specialist
Malarie joined Nolan Enterprises in April of 2022. She has 4 years of experience in DME billing prior to coming to Nolan. Her responsibilities and knowledge have included patient intake, obtaining medical authorizations, processing and working with the claim denial appeals process and insurance collections. She has a thorough understanding of ICD 10 coding, Medicare billing and DME qualifications. She has multiple years of experience in the medical billing software systems of SNAP and Brightree.
Malarie Beard-Sherman - Collections Specialist
Chelsea has been with Nolan Enterprises since October 2022. She was first introduced to DME in 2008 as an intake specialist in customer service where she excelled in referrals, authorizations, verification, billing and qualifications. She has over 10 years in DME cusomter service experience and over 4 years Brighttree experience prior to working for Nolan Enterprises. 
Chelsea Hollier - Authorization Specialist
Cindy joined Nolan in September 2023 although had worked for the company previously in 2019-2020 before leaving to gain new experiences as an A/R Auditor for an overseas team. She returned after a lay-off with 20 plus years’ experience in Revenue Cycle Management including benefit verification, authorizations, claims filing and follow-up, EDI resolution, posting, credentialing and SOP creation. Her RCM knowledge includes several specialties including DME, cardiology, urology, oral surgery, general dentistry and chiropractic care. She also has 8 years of Brightree experience under her belt. 
Stephanie joined Nolan Enterprises in December of 2022 with 10 plus years experience with DME. She started out on the front end with customer service. She is experienced in verifications, authorizations, collections, billing and intake. She has been working with Brightree since 2016.
Stephanie Willis - Intake, Eligibility and Auth Specialist
Samantha started with Nolan Enterprises in January of 2023. She has 5 years experience in DME billing- along with posting payments, intake, appeals, and verifying insurances within Brightree. She also has 12 + years customer service experience. Samantha specializes in working collections/accounts receivables with Nolan Enterprises.
Samantha Willig - Collection Specialist
Mara has been with Nolan Enterprises since October of 2022. Mara has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Montana Tech University. Prior to joining Nolan Enterprises, she was the office manager for a DME company for 36 years. She was responsible for all business aspects from accounting, payroll, employee supervising, customer service, order intake, documentation, billing, prior auths, posting, collections and working denials. She has experience with billing multiple insurances. She has worked in several DME billing systems and was responsible for converting two offices to Brightree billing software. Mara had 4 years of experience with Brightree prior to joining the Nolan team.

Mara McNabb - Collections Specialist